100 Movements exists to spark movements that will change the tracks of history

The purpose of 100 Movements is to identify, train, empower and champion one hundred movement-ready churches and organizations over the next decade.

Our mission is to reanimate church movement by deeply embedding six “movemental” capacities (mDNA)  into the culture and practice of 100 key churches and organizations.

100M operates as an ecosystem of training organizations and a relational network of experienced practitioners, each holding a specialty and expertise in one or more of the mDNA components of movement. Our training and coaching process is consultative, dynamic and tailored to the organisation.

We will focus all this expertise and experience of the 100M team and ecosystem on one hundred “movementally” capable churches and organizations over a long course, rather than mass training a wide group. It is our sole purpose to ensure the success of our champion churches and organizations.

We believe that these churches and organizations will overcome the present and future challenges, provide exemplary models, develop new tools and thinking, and actively demonstrate high-impact multiplication movements.

The seed of a movement lies within you and we want to see it realized.


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The 100M team can act as a catalytic partner to movements, offering the expertise to coach from practitioner experience in each of the mDNA comments essential for movement.

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In this series, we're exploring the most common barriers that churches and people face in catalyzing, leading & sustaining movements of God. It's not an exhaustive list, but we think these 'Movement Killers' should be top of mind for all of us going after church-as-movement.



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