As we search for movement, we need all of the church's potential to be unleashed through the 5-Fold Ministry of APEST. 5Q is the practical way we are looking to invest in churches to see this happen. We will do this in two specific ways:

  • First, we work with churches to practically implement 5-fold ministry into all aspects of their leadership culture and training. (Look for more on this in the future!)
  • Second, we have focused training for each of the 5 types who have self-identified as either an Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd or Pastors.

We also have a whole website devoted to exploring 5Q in more depth. You can visit 5QCentral.com here.


We are starting with the new pioneers and mapmakers...the true innovators of the church of the future. We're talking about Apostles and we're calling it AQ.

At this point in time, there are many avenues of training for Teachers, Pastors, Prophets and Evangelists. But for those who are apostolically inclined? Not so much. As you know, the Apostolic voice is crucial for movement, though. AQ is a community of leaders, coming together online on a regular basis, who are dedicated to the cultivation of Apostolic imagination and practice in the 21st Century. The AQ online experience is meant to provide a forum for best thinking and best practices for apostolic practitioners that have both self-identified, and have a collectively confirmed, call to apostolic ministry and a proven track record.  It will develop into a burgeoning relational collective of apostolic practitioners across the globe, while providing unique, high level, training and coaching. It's our belief that investing in, training and caring for Apostolic leaders will be crucial to see 100 unique Kingdom movements spread around the world.