As we search for movement, we need all of the church's potential to be unleashed through the 5-Fold Ministry of APEST. 5Q is the practical way we are looking to invest in churches to see this happen. We will do this in two specific ways:

  • First, we work with churches to practically implement 5-fold ministry into all aspects of their leadership culture and training. (Look for more on this in the future!)
  • Second, we have focused training for each of the 5 types who have self-identified as either an Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd or Pastors.

We also have a whole website devoted to exploring 5Q in more depth. You can visit 5QCentral.com here.

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These modules, which will cover each of the key topics within 5Q and will give individual leaders or church teams the opportunity for reflective learning & further study as well as create an environment to explore personal practices, leadership development and culture change.

Prologue:The Hero’s Journey
5Q Overview
APEST Overview

5Q Training Modules