40 Days of Creativity: Part 1

I woke up one morning recently with the definitive urge to create. This urge or impulse has been nothing but scarce to me as of late. Having been inspired somewhat randomly by two separate passing mentions to a C.S. Lewis text, I saw a picture in my mind’s eye and I began to paint it. 

While in this process I started to ponder, "What if i determined to do this each day?" A phrase, a word, a verse. Anything that had been highlighted to me throughout that day. What if a simple choice to create could energize the passion and impulse within me again? I had not wished this desire to leave, instead I’d often longed for it to return. I constantly wondered what I could do to bring it back. How do you steward something that you do not always know the magic of?

So this is my new attempt at disciplining myself to create.


It doesn’t have to always be good. In fact, it probably won’t be. But it is the practice of awakening the senses in me that make me an artist. The ones that I’m told are “heightened” and it’s a gesture to the discipline that Julia Cameron writes in her book The Artist’s Way...about morning pages...and what Pat Pattison says in Writing Better Lyrics about object writing. Whether 3 pages, 10 minutes, or commitment to make 1 piece, the overarching goal is consistency and discipline. It’s attuning the senses to be awakened by discipline so that when the opportunity comes, we can create freely and with the hope of more frequency.

Here are the first 10 days: