The Good Fight Series Artwork

I currently serve as the Creative Communications Director of Summit Church in SouthWest Florida and we're currently teaching through the book of 1 Timothy in a series we've entitled The Good Fight. Below are the visuals for the series.

We knew we wanted to achieve a certain 'poster' look (we actually made and sold out of prints) while keeping the idea and imagery of a battlefield. We felt this type of art direction would protect us from realism (too violent or cheesy) and still convey the idea of the spiritual warfare we find ourselves in. Here's how we're defining The Good Fight.

The daily battle we wage, through the Word of God and the power of the Spirit, against our sinful nature, the world’s values and the devil’s schemes.

And here's a quick synopsis of the teaching series.

In our series, “The Good Fight”, we are studying the book of 1 Timothy. Life is not easy; in fact sometimes it seems grueling. But God calls us to engage in the battle faithfully. In this series, we will consider what it looks like to live in a God-glorifying, gospel-centered way in the midst of our everyday lives, trusting that God will give us strength and direction from his Word.