Hope for the very worst pastor ever.

In Part 1 of this series, I talked a little bit about the difficulties of the calling of being a pastor when you're not a people person. Specifically, about how it requires you to push into weakness, learn things that will be uncomfortable and foreign, all the while expecting the Holy Spirit to show up. But specifically, I need to lean into that for the good of the congregation and for the good of my own spiritual growth. I don't get a pass on this.

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How much cash does church-as-movement cost?

Buildings, budgets and bigshots are the movement killers to the reproduction of churches, leaders and disciples. Salaries, rents/mortgages, equipment, advertising the list of expenses is long. Even with the tax breaks allowed to churches we are struggling to make ends meet. In today’s turbulent times many in church are feeling the resources drying up. Recently I was in a pastor’s meeting and many were wondering how their churches would continue. Some were selling their facilities just for survival. We will see more and more of this in the coming year.

Survival is one thing, but reaching a city is quite another.

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It Slayed the Momentum of the Methodists

A movement killer is something that exists in the common life of the organization itself--the culture, thinking, and practices--that in effect blocks the inherent potential for growth contained in the system.  In systems theory, all living systems are geared for growth and flourishing.  They have everything in them needed to maintain life and reproduce healthily.  The "killer" therefore is something now resident in the system that is in effect blocking the innate capacity to flourish.

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