A great way to continue trying out the practical ideas behind church-as-movement is to put one specific element of movement into practice. That's what Kickstart Coaching is about.

Kickstart Coaching takes decades worth of practice around discipleship and mission and engages in a process of teaching and training you to lead in your local context, with some very concrete and practical skills. For one year, we get a small group of practitioners together on a regular video call that is oriented around one key practical expression of mDNA. Think of it as a kind of digital laboratory. 

The point of the coaching? That you can get enough practical training "as you go" and kickstart it into the place where God has sent you.



We currently have two practical tracks for coaching, both of which correspond with our Kickstart Workshop:

  • Coaching with Neil Cole
    • 75 minute online Zoom video call every week for one year
    • Learn from one of the true movement catalyzers of the last 20 years. Not someone who's just talked about movement, but saw one spark into flame and spread all over the world, with more than 50,000 trained leaders. 
    • Kickstart Neil's process in your own context and get nuts-and-bolts coaching as you go
    • Cost: $175 a month
  • Launching and Leading Missional Communities that Mobilize and Multiply
    • 90 minute online Zoom video call every-other week for one year
    • Learn the nuts-and-bolts of leading a Missional Community, training people to engage Persons of Peace, mobilizing people in your MC for mission together and multiplying MC's that will multiply into the future
    • Cost: $125 a month
    • Led by someone on the 100M team with a decade+ worth of practical Missional Community experience and is equipped to pass on their expertise to you



We have new Kickstart Coaching groups starting soon. If you're interested in getting more information, speaking to one of our coaches or signing up, you can fill out the form below or email info@100Movements.com.

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