Not everyone is ready to take the plunge into church-as-movement and might want to kick the tires around what we're talking about with minimal financial investment.

A 100M Kickstart Workshop will take the things we've learned in the last few decades, as well as the things we are learning from churches in the 100M process, and drops it into two days of coaching, teaching input and experiences that give practical, nuts-and-bolts training. People will walk away knowing how to kickstart, in their own life, what they just experienced and were trained to do. And they will know that it's something not only based on strong theory, but in practices that have worked in real-life mission contexts. We believe that given time and the Holy Spirit, these kinds of kickstart workshops can catalyze movemental imagination and practice that take on a life of their own.

This summer, we have three identical workshops happening in Atlanta, Chicago and Los Angeles.

The 100M team leading these event includes Alan Hirsch, Neil Cole, Jessie Cruickshank, Dave Rhodes, Doug Paul, Eric Pfeiffer and more.

The summer 2017 slate of kickstart workshop has three
separate tracks, allowing you to pick both your interest and experience level:

  • Track 1: Missional Communities: An intro to MC's
  • Track 2: Missional Communities: Advanced training on MC's
  • Track 3: Starting a Disciple-Making Movement

We will have 1-2 sessions with everyone together, but the majority of the time will be in training environments specific to the track you choose, with the 100M team member best suited to that time. Seating is limited as we are capping the number of participants for Kickstart Workshops. If you have any questions, email



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