100 Movements PArtners

The following are our partners, helping us build out the 100Movements Ecosystem. Each has a unique focus and expertise in an area of mDNA.


5Q Collective

The aim of the 5Q Collective is to empower leaders, equip the church and extend the Kingdom. To work together to reactivate the latent & original intelligence in the body of Christ and to help the church mature into the fullness of the measure of Christ. 

We know that transformation does not occur merely through information. As you interact with 5Q, and a new paradigm, we want to share the opportunity to engage further in a transformative process for your own discipleship, leadership and the journey of your church or organization.

5Q Collective is the name of the training ministry for those wanting to live and lead into a 5Q paradigm & practice and will give individual leaders or church teams the opportunity for an environment and process to explore personal practices, leadership development and culture change.

There are blogs, small group modules, tailored consultancy, an introductionary coaching course, leadership cohorts and train-the-trainer options. Many difrernt ways for leaders, teams, churchs and organsiation to engage with 5Q thinking, culture and leadership.

We also have a whole website devoted to exploring 5Q in more depth. You can visit 5QCentral.com here.


Forge USA

Forge America longs to see the reign of God revealed in the everyday spaces of life.  How do we attempt to see the reign of God revealed in the everyday spaces of life? We equip and empower everyday followers of Jesus, who inhabit the everyday spaces of life, to join God in His redemptive mission. Simply put, Forge equips women and men to live as missionaries where they’re already doing life.

Forge America partners with individuals in communities, local churches, nonprofits, and networks to inspire everyday Jesus followers to join God in His mission right where they live, work, and play. Locally and contextually,  alongside and through the local church, we equip women and men to live as missionaries in the places they’re already doing life. As people reorient their lives around God’s mission, we envision and equip missionary teams to pioneer new communities of faith, missional initiatives, and/or Kingdom expressions. We not only inspire, equip, and help pioneer these new expressions, but we also connect them to one another and to a growing tribe of like-minded individuals.

 Join us in this journey: