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Of course, no one organization or training tool can encompass all that is contained in the seed of an mDNA competency. Our partner organizations carry the heart of the mDNA and infuse it in their exemplary and focused training conducted by in-field practioners.


Another element of authentic mDNA: the active presence of the apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, shepherding, and teaching (APEST) functions-ministries listed in Ephesians 4 and evidenced throughout the book of Acts. Especially catalytic for missional movements is the apostolic person. This mDNA relates to the type of ministry and leadership required to sustain exponential growth and transformational impact.


Missional-Incarnational Impulse

This mDNA component is marked by the twin impulses of remarkable missional movements—namely, the dynamic outward thrust to be missional and the related deepening impulse expressing the incarnational nature of Jesus. Together, these seed and embed the gospel into different cultures and people groups.



Jesus Is Lord

At the center and circumference of every significant Jesus movement there exists a very simple confession. Though simple, it is one that fully vibrates with the primal energies of the scriptural faith—namely, that of the claim of the one God over every aspect of every life, and the response of his people to that claim (Deut. 6:4–6). The way that this was expressed in the New Testament and later movements was simply “Jesus Is Lord!” With this simple confession they changed the world. While Jesus Is Lord can never be reduced down to a single concept or tool, these training options can create a place to start by asking the question about personal and collective calling. 


Essentially, this involves the irreplaceable and lifelong task of becoming like Jesus by embodying his message. This is perhaps where many of our efforts fail. Disciple making is an irreplaceable, core task of the church and needs to be structured into every church’s basic formula.


The most vigorous forms of community are those that come together in the context of a shared ordeal or those that define themselves as a group with a mission that lies beyond themselves, thus initiating a risky journey. Too much concern with safety and security, combined with comfort and convenience, has lulled us out of our true calling and purpose. We all love an adventure. Or do we? We desire for the Body of Christ to once again find the adventure back into the venture.


100M Competency: Leader Releasing

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100M Competency: Incarnational Messaging

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100M Competency: Identity Declaring

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100M Competency: Disciple-Making

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100M Competency: Risk Tribalizing

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RIsing Tides

By Neil Cole

We stand on the edge of an opportunity unlike any in history. Every moment we hesitate, the distance between irrelevance and influence grows exponentially. Our time is now.

Today's culture is defined by four exponential growth trends: the population boom, the technology tsunami, the rising economy gap and the increasing polarization of worldviews. Rising like tides, these trends are leading us toward a crushing break.

Rising Tides is is a wake-up call for God's people, who must act now to respond to the demands of these shifing tides if they hope to weather the storm. Time is short.

Neil Cole carefully lays out some simple ways we can catch up, and keep up, with this rapid change. With an unflinching appraisal of the challenges we face, coupled with tangible and achievable solutions, Rising Tides offers profound hope for the way forward.

We can future-proof our faith.

The Church will not be overcome, but our old ways must be if we hope to survive the rising tides.

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AcTivating 5Q: a user’s guide

By Alan Hirsch and Jessie Cruickshank

Back cover:

In his book 5Q, Alan Hirsch took a deep dive into the fivefold typology of ministry as articulated in
Ephesians 4:1–16. Now in this User’s Guide, Alan and Jessie challenge and equip you, your organization or
church to live into a new way of seeing, thinking, and living.

Summarizing and simplifying the key themes of 5Q, this practical guide is ideal for either individuals or
groups. With practitioner examples, reflective questions, and training tools, Activating 5Q enables you to apply the principles to your particular context.


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By Alan Hirsch

Back cover:

In 5Q, Alan Hirsch takes a deep dive into the fivefold (APEST) typology of ministry as articulated in Ephesians 4:1-16. With profound theological and cultural insight, as well as innovative practice, Hirsch once again not only shifts the conversation itself, but also the scorecard on how we understand calling, church, leadership and organization.