Viral Church Planting

How do you get to 4 Million micro churches in less than 20 years? In this episode, the 100M team speaks with Curtis Sargent about how discipleship, expectations, and organic models help the Gospel become viral. What you set as the ‘normal’ Christian life determines whether you have a consumer-based church or a reproducing church. Buckle up for a conversation that will challenge, inspire, and convict you.

Since 2013 we have had 38 generations of churches, that I know of.
— Curtis Sargent

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The Reallity of Being a Movement

Beyond the glamour and hype, what does it really mean to be a movement right now? Brian Sanders of Tampa Underground dicusses with the 100 Movements team what it looks like to be a movemen. From guiding concepts to concrete organizational principles, Brian answers key questions on the practice of supporting what God is doing through people, while stewarding its forward direction.

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The Supernatural Side of Movements

Alan Hirsch's mDNA does not include a DNA component of supernatural phenomena, thought it is a common component in Christian movements. In this webcast we talk to Desi Baker and Neil Cole about their experiences with supernatural phenomena and the role it played in their movement.

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Communitas - the missing mDNA

In this webcast, the 100 Movements team discusses how Communitas may be the missing piece of movemental identity with Jessie Cruickshank. She shares how churches can engage in rhytms of risk and celebration to create authentic, couragous community.

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Jesus Is Lord

In this webcast, the 100 Movements team speaks with Alan Hirsch about why the confession that Jesus Is Lord is the core confession of the church. The team looks at how the Jesus Is Lord becomes the key organizing component for the church and Christian movements.

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