It's one thing to have a goal of 100 unique Kingdom movements. But what does it look like to achieve this goal? How will we partner with the Holy Spirit and with leaders across the Western church to see this come into being?



As we've said, we're looking for 100 champion churches...churches that are movement ready and already at the tipping point. Once we've found a champion church, this is our full-on, spare no expenses, all-in dream. With the 100M process, our team focuses on a very few, capable churches over years of time. 

For each church, there is a custom-built process, with the sole purpose of seeing the success of these champion churches live into their calling to be a movement of God. We believe that these churches will overcome the present and future challenges, provide models for other churches, develop new tools and thinking, and live into extraordinary, movemental multiplication. Our prayer is that these churches will not only pioneer, but go on to validate a ministry approach based on movement, which will lead to more and more churches joining them. The process is a dynamic consultative training and coaching process, getting into the trenches of everyday ministry life, and not just staying in theory world. 

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Future Travelers is designed for leaders who are starting to fully embrace church-as-movement. They might very well be leading a future champion church!  

Future Travelers is designed for leaders and churches who are officially moving down the path of church-as-movement. They have a strong sense of what the future of the church looks like and they are going after it. We have designed it with two tracks in mind. Track 1 is all about paradigm-shift, as leaders look to build a new operating system that can sustain church-as-movement. Track 2 is all about practice, as leaders look to actually do, in real life, church-as-movement.

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As we search for movement, we need all of the church 's potential to be unleashed through the 5-Fold Ministry of APEST. 5Q is the practical way we are looking to invest in churches to see this happen. We will do this in two specific ways. First, we work with churches to practically implement 5-fold ministry into all aspects of their leadership culture and training. Second, we have focused training for each of the 5 types who have self-identified as either an Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd or Pastors.

We are starting with the new pioneers and mapmakers...the true innovators of the church of the future. We're talking about Apostles and we're calling it AQ.

At this point in time, there are many avenues of training for Teachers, Pastors, Prophets and Evangelists. But for those who are apostolically inclined? Not so much. As you know, the Apostolic voice is crucial for movement, though. AQ is a community of leaders, coming together online on a regular basis, who are dedicated to the cultivation of Apostolic imagination and practice in the 21st Century. The AQ online experience is meant to provide a forum for best thinking and best practices for apostolic practitioners that have both self-identified, and have a collectively confirmed, call to apostolic ministry and a proven track record.  It will develop into a burgeoning relational collective of apostolic practitioners across the globe, while providing unique, high level, training and coaching. It's our belief that investing in, training and caring for Apostolic leaders will be crucial to see 100 unique Kingdom movements spread around the world.

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Not everyone is ready to take the plunge into church-as-movement and might want to kick the tires around what we're talking about with minimal financial investment.

We will take the things we've learned in the last few decades, as well as the things we are learning from churches in the 100M process, and we will have two-day events that give practical, nuts-and-bolts training. People will walk away knowing how to kickstart, in their own life, what they just experienced and were trained to do. And they will know that it's something not only based on strong theory, but in practices that have worked in real-life mission contexts. We believe that given time and the Holy Spirit, these kinds of kickstart workshops can catalyze movemental imagination and practice that take on a life of their own. Some examples are: 

  • 100M Disciple Making Kickstart
  • Missional Community Kickstart
  • Person of Peace Kickstart

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A great way to continue trying out the practical ideas behind church-as-movement is to put one specific element of movement into practice. That's what Kickstart Coaching is about.

For one year, we get a small group of practitioners get together on a regular video call that is oriented around one key practical expression of mDNA. This coaching is meant to be an accelerator to project you and what you lead into a movemental posture, as well as the practical nuts-and-bolts to "doing the stuff" we're talking about! While coaching certainly includes input and discussion around core pieces of content, it is meant to push participants further. It is meant to take what they are learning, put it into practice, and come back to debrief, discuss and push further. Think of it as a kind of digital laboratory. Here are some examples of how Coaching will center around certain practices:

  • Coaching with Neil Cole
  • Coaching with Alan Hirsch on pressing into movement
  • Launching, Leading and Multiplying Missional Communities

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Similar to the Kickstart workshops, we will take the things that we are learning and we know are working in multiple ministry contexts and we will put them into resource form. As history has shown, movemental multiplication always requires resourcing. Our resources will include starter kits, articles, books, podcasts, webinars and much more. 

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