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In the last 20 years we have began to re-embrace the forgotten ways of 'church-as-missional-movement.'

As people have engaged with the Bible, books, conferences, blogs, podcasts and everyday conversations, they have all begun to lead people back to the Biblical, but seemingly forgotten, principles of the way of Jesus and his church. And as people did this...they started trying things. Like everything that's new, most of what they tried didn't work. But you know what? Some of it did.

Over time, different churches, networks and organizations developed some really core expertise in the various components of movemental, missional DNA. In fact, some of it began to look like the movement we all feel like the church is meant to be. But almost all of the time, these things were happening separately and independently from what other people were learning. No one person, one church or one organization had all the pieces or the complete puzzle.

What the Western church needs is 'proof of concept' that church-as-movement can be the future of the Church. The idea has been dreamt, but we all need to see it. We need something we can show, learn from and build on.

We are looking for leaders, churches and organisations who are orientated towards movement. 


So what is 100M?

100M is a very simple idea. In bringing this team and all of these relationships together, we are praying and working together to see 100 unique Kingdom movements come into being, with each carrying the core mDNA for movement. Everything we are doing together is towards that goal: 100 movements.

Our mission is to find these champion churches and organisations, invest in future champions who need equipping to be movement ready, and then walk with them as they live into church-as-movement.

How can 100M help catalyze the movement in you?

You will never hear us say we have the answer to everything or that we are always the expert. We aren't! But here are a few things we have some expertise in:

  1. Catalyic Partnerships:

    • 100M helps burgeoning movements maximize their potential by bringing our practioner experience and expertise along side them as a catalytic partner. Beyond the 100M core team, we have ecosystem partners for getting a solid foundation and training in one of the mDNA components. When you are ready to grow in one or more mDNA components, the 100M team is here to help.

  2. Paradigm-shift:

    • To see movement, you need a paradigm-shift from what our Western church construct looks like. We are able to walk with churches and leaders to ensure this happens, in 100 different ways, in a 100 different places.

  3. Practitioners from around the world:

    • When our team works with a church, network or denomination, we bring in the best practitioner experts from all over the world, and join with them to help them build what God is calling them to. You don't just get 100M. You get the best, practical learning that's out there.

  4. Movement Tools:

    • Movement needs to work in theory and in practice, and plug-&-play solutions won't cut it. We help church networks and denominations develop and refine their existing tools for movement that are unique to their ministry context and convictions. Because our design team has built tools for movement, that can work in any and every context, they can help you with yours in a way that results in something home-grown and unique.

  5. Our Team:

    • Everyone on our team has hands-on experience with movement. Some might lean more towards theory, while others might lean more towards practice. But every member is fluent in the 6 components of missional movement (mDNA) in there life and leadership.

  6. Our Resources & Training

    • For leaders and churches not quite ready for the all-in process, we have an ecosystem of partner organizations that offer training an coaching in specific areas of mDNA. Working with them will help equip you towards church-as-movement.